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On this page you can search and filter all activities, initiatives and projects in the field of arms control across the African continent that have been recorded in the "Silencing the Guns" activity database in the context of the Continental Plan of Action (StG-PoA). Use the menu on the left side to query the database by selecting filter settings according to your interests. Results will be shown below the map.

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You can find the relevant template to fill in your activity here:

Template (English)

StG-PoA activities map

        How to read and use the map

        The number within the circle represents the aggregated number / total number of activities per single country or groups of countries (countries are merged for display reasons only). Zooming in disaggregates the merged countries and provides donut charts for every single country. The segments of the donut chart represent the StG-PoA activity categories and their size reflect the number of activities per category. One activity can be related to many categories. Thus, multiple assignments are possible.Hovering over the segments of a donut chart provides information about the number of activities addressing the respective activity category.